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波 & 潮汐

波 and 潮汐 energy are renewable energy sources receiving attention in re搜索 and development due to the abundance of the resource, and the ability to decarbonise. 波 energy is a derivative of wind energy, where the wind interaction with the water surface over large distances causes the propagation and growth of waves that transfer energy across the water surface. Tides are driven by the gravitational pull from the moon, 太阳, and other celestial bodies, resulting in the natural rise and fall of ocean tides, and currents that contain a natural form of kinetic energy. Our marine heritage and broad range of subsea expertise puts us at the forefront of the wave and 潮汐 industry covering all stages of the project lifecycle, from site selection and design to operations and maintenance.

We are one of the few experts in the world to possess extensive working knowledge of the intricacies of marine energy and we continue to unlock cutting-edge solutions.

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Andy MacGillivray
Lead Engineer  
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    Case study
    Artificial Intelligence improving 潮汐 energy
    波 and 潮汐 energy are renewable energy sources receiving attention in re搜索 and development due to the abundance of the resource, and the ability to decarbonise
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    Case study
    Turning the tide on energy
    Case study on the world’s first grid-connected offshore array of 潮汐 energy turbines is located in Bluemull Sound off the Shetland Islands in Scotland